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to find their #CHIHULYZEN



With online behaviors rapidly changing in the wake of COVID-19, social media users were, and still are, craving connection and creativity. This was a critical time for brands to step in and help.


We launched #ChihulyZen, a social media influencer program that provided the digital art community with a form of creative escapism-- positioning Chihuly as a connector of tastemakers, a source of beauty and inspiration, and an avenue for emotional respite.

Inside the action

creating a content library for our collaborators

In collaboration with the brand team, we created a library of resources and assets that we could use to reach influencers and compel them to share.

Our hub (and drive-to page), was the Chihuly Studio website, where our main #ChihulyZen video lived.

bringing the story

to life

We engaged influencers in our New York and Seattle networks, ultimately providing visibility for the Chihuly brand across 10 art and lifestyle-focused social media accounts with a combined audience size of 900k followers. 

The influencers each shared Chihuly’s original video assets, combined with his/her unique POV and a link back to the Chihuly site. They touched on topics, including the healing power of art and nature, their personal experiences with Chihuly, travel stories, and advice on coping during quarantine. These visuals were shared across 64 Instagram stories and 6 feed posts.

Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 7.59.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.25.36 AM.png

new audiences, increased visibility

Influencer partnerships drive awareness for the brand and generate interest amongst new audiences. Over 72 hours, their content garnered:  


  • 18.5k impressions and 400 engagements on Instagram Stories

  • 19.8k impressions and 11.5k engagements on static feed posts


Influencers also shared the link to the full zen video driving 143 clicks to the #ChihulyZen landing page, contributing to the total 5.1k video views on the embedded blog post.

mental health 

messaging is universal and needed most

The mental health narrative was met with positive feedback from our influencers and their followers. It inspired a range of content and proved the power of art in communicating closeness between influencers and their communities.  


From a brand perspective, the posts generated additional public buzz in the comments sections and in direct messages, keeping Chihuly top of mind in the digital space during quarantine.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 10.31.28
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