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the power of product 

Brand Management & Partnerships, Judy Prep Inc.


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judy lantern

product launch

Planned and built 30+ celebrity mailers to promote the launch of our newest product, the JUDY Lantern.

Mailer used humor, surprise & delight to engage celebrity influencers and encourage posting and tagging of brand to highlight newest product offering.



Coordinated hand delivery of newest product to 25 top-tier celebrities, all of whom shared image and videos of the product and retail packaging.

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"a kids book

about safety" announcement

Worked with emergency preparedness expert and the team at A Kids Book About to draft and design an entirely custom kids book highlighting emergency preparedness tips for kids. 

A custom mailer was then sent to 100 celebrity and influencer recipients.

"A step towards safety"

Worked with Birdies, women's footwear company, to design a custom pair of "emergency shoes" and social media campaign to encourage followers to take "the next step" towards becoming more prepared.

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